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Nokia C6 Review: Teclado e Interface


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nokia-c6-keyboard-reviewThe Nokia C6 is a great little mid-range smartphone, with a lot to offer users on a budget. While it may be put slightly in the shade by the more expensive Nokia N97 Mini when it comes to features, the Nokia C6 is surprisingly good when it comes to usability. Read on to find out more…

The Nokia C6 is very similar to the Nokia N97 Mini in form factor – check out our Nokia C6 Vs Nokia N97 Mini piece to see just how similar – but we were surprised by just how good the Nokia C6's keyboard and interface is.

With a big D-pad to the right of the keyboard – the N97 Mini's keyboard stretches right to the very edge of the handset – we were expecting the Nokia C6 to offer a slightly more cramped user experience.

It turns out to be the opposite, however, with huge keys that put the Nokia N97 Mini's to shame in comparison. This is because Nokia has crammed all the keys in next to each other – rather than having a big space between them.

This doesn't affect usability, however, as each of the keys has a raised centre, making it easy to hit when you're typing at speed without making mistakes.

Check out our Nokia C6 review (photo heavy)

Better yet, the Nokia C6's keyboard is very responsive, with each key offering a decent amount of travel – letting you know your actions have registered – and moving lightly and easily.

As such, the Nokia C6 is the perfect device when it comes to writing longer text messages and emails. It's also perfect for browsing the internet, with the large D-pad making it easy to navigate.

The D-pad itself is easy to use, again with a very large finger-friendly surface, and a button in the centre to select items in the OS or applications.

Overall, then, the interface on the Nokia C6 is something that's absolutely spot on. If you want a handset for frequent texting or emailing, the Nokia C6 is an excellent choice, and comes highly recommended.

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